I will never forget the first piece of jewelry I fell in love with. It was a gift from a classmate's aunt, a delicate gold chain adorned with tiny pearls. That's when it all began. I was only in fifth grade, but it marked the start of my enduring love affair with all things bright and beautiful. Before I knew it, I had my own jewelry collection, which continues to grow to this day.

I quickly realized how something so small could make me feel so special. It wasn't until many years later, after starting my own family and leaving a successful career in the technology field, that I began designing my own pieces. Still inspired by that first necklace, I often combine pearls with other elements like leather, natural stones, sterling silver, 24kt gold vermeil, and gold fill. Many of my pieces are meticulously hand-knotted in silk or leather. I've always enjoyed designing a variety of styles.

When you explore my collection, my hope is that you'll discover a piece that makes you feel a little more special than before.